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The model contest at O Scale West is scale independent regarding O, S, or narrow gauge entries, e.g., all steam locos regardless of scale, compete in one category, steam locomotives.

First, second, and third place winners receive a non-cash award.

The model contest categories are as follows:

  1. Steam Locomotive
  2. Diesel Locomotive
  3. Electric Locomotive
  4. Passenger Car
  5. Freight Car
  6. Caboose
  7. Maintenance of Way
  8. Traction
  9. Structure
  10. Favorite Train
  11. Display (not voted upon)


The photo contest categories are as follows:

  1. Prototype - Color
  2. Prototype - B&W
  3. Model - Color
  4. Model - B&W

Entry Forms

You need to include an entry form when you enter your model(s) in the contest. You can either download the entry from by clicking HERE or pick up a form in the contest area and complete it when you submit your entry.

Please note the contest display area is limited, which limits the number of entries that can be accommodated. Best to enter as early as possible.


  1. Friday 8AM - Friday Closing: submit entries
  2. Friday 10AM - Friday Closing: view entries and submit votes
  3. Saturday 12 Noon - Winners will be posted in Contest Area
  4. Saturday 2PM - 3PM - pick up entries by 3PM at the latest

To learn more about 2-rail O scale visit the O Scale Kings website.