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O scale Kings
11937 Stratford Drive
OKLAHOMA City, OK 73120

Minutes of the Annual General Membership Meeting, Friday, March 15, 2019

The Meeting conducted at the Chicago March Meet, Westin Hotel, Lombard, IL

Members in Attendance: Bruce Blackwood – President
George Wallace – Secretary
Sam Shumaker – Past President
Dan Dawdy – Member
Rick Liebich – Member
Bob Lavezz i- Advisor
Rod Miller – Advisor
David Vaughn – Advisor

The meeting was conducted by and called to order by the President at 7:05 pm CDT. The meeting began with a surprise presentation of a plaque to George Wallace for several years of service to the O Scale Kings. The Secretary reported that there were 124 paid up members for 2019. A discussion folllowed on how we should have regional membership committees with specific goals. Several members renewed their memberships and ten new members joined our ranks. The meeting was well attended. The Treasurer’s report was given by the secretary, our account balance was $6,595.00. The President announced that dues would be increased soon and there were no serious complaints. The 2019 SONC was discussed with an update by Rod Miller.

A sponsor for the 2020 SONC was solicited and a man from Denver expressed interest. We will follow up with him.

A display booth committee was discussed and Bob Lavezzi volunteered to store the booth and ship it to whatever group wants to use it.

There were no volunteers fot the Membership Committee chair.

OSK assuming control of the O Scale Hall of Fame was explained. Names of nominees were solicited. All member concerns were heard and positively addressed.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 pm CDT.

Respectfully George Wallace