Brian W. Huang

I have been modeling in 2-Rail O-Scale for 20 years. I switched over from N-Scale for two reasons. Firstly my vision was not allowing me to see the fine details of N-Scale models any more and secondly the heft, feel, and detail that O-Scale Models offered.

I have a 2-Rail O-Scale layout in my basement that keeps me busy during the winter months here in central Illinois. The dimensions are 54 ft. long by 20 ft. wide. No specific railroad is modeled. The layout features the “street running” concept where trains run through and on downtown streets. I also have an 8 ft. portable 2-Rail switching layout I take to shows. A benefit from this layout is that it allow me to showcase 2-Rail O-Scale to future and current model train modelers. Both layouts are DCC and DCS compatible.

I’m employed by a large, Bloomington, IL based insurance company going on 34 years. Prior to that I was an airline pilot with Mesaba Airlines. I also maintain my Flight Instructor credentials.

I’m also involved with David Vaughn’s SOS (2-Rail Save Our Scale) initiative.

I hope to bring new perspectives and ideas to the O-Scale Kings organization as a Board member.