O Scale Kings
11937 Stratford Drive
Oklahoma City, OK 73120

Minutes of the Board Meeting, October 12, 2020

The Meeting was conducted by ZOOM.

Members in Attendance: Bruce Blackwood – President
George Wallace – Secretary
Joe Norman – Treasurer
Brian Huang – Member
Michael Walter – Member
Sam Shumaker
Nick Bulgarino – Advisor
Dan Dawdy -Webmaster Advisor
Rick Liebich – Advisor
Rich Randall, Advisor
David Vaughn – Advisor
John Wubbel, Advisor
Ed Bommer – Mentoring Chairman

The meeting was called to order by the President at about 8:31 pm EST

The minutes of the September Meeting were approved with all yea votes.

The Secretary’s Report: George – There were 132 paid members for 2020, 70 for 2021,
23 for 2022, 9 for 2023, 3 for 2024.and 2 for 2025. David and Dan Mason are working
on amendments. Both ballots will be ready to mail by October 31st.
My suggestion of including SSAE return envelopes was not approved.

The Treasurer’s Report: Joe.
Bank Balance 08/31/2020 $7,462.51
Cleared Transactions
Deposits and Credits (2) $0.00
Less Checks and Payments (5) -$312.00
Uncleared Transactions (3) -$387.00
Bank Balance 09/30/2020 $6,763.51
In Transit
Deposits $377.19
Outstanding Checks (2) -$156.33
Available Balance 10/12/2020 $6,984.37

The two reports were voted all Yeas.

Strasburg Report: Bruce, John, David, Dan Dawdy, and Rich Randall plan to attend. The main
thrust is recruiting new members. OSK assets will be grouped together, our booth, modules and
O Scale Central’s Wingate module. Gloves are recommended and masks are mandatory. John
may have a Denver Meet poster there. Bruce feels the modules will generate a lot of interest
and discussion. John and Rich Randall may have modules ready.

Cleveland still happening. Nick and David will have O Scale Central Wingate there.

Amherst: We’ve paid our fee including having us on their video display boards throughout the
show. We have our usual great spot. Bruce, David, Nick, and Lavezzi’s gang plan on going.

Chicago still on, need 40 new room nites to guarantee 2021, keep telling friends to resrve rooms
but first block not refundable. Bruce will still have some kind of OSK meet if show cancels.
Bruce, David, Nick, Rick, George and Joe plan to go.

Atlanta; O Scale South in February. Still a go.

Denver ONC Report: Nick – Hotel halfway between airport and train station. Looking at 200
reservations and 225 tables initially. $2,500 down payment due by October 31st, the rest by
January 2021. It was suggested we loan them the $2,500 startup money as we have discussed in
the past. Dan Mason will have to find out if we can loan money under Georgia rules. They are
setting up volunteer committees. They are exploring all local attractions. There will be a
popular vote model contest. The web site is up and advertising will start soon. Date june 20-21.

Modular Report: Rich Randall – He is trying to accommodate all suggestions but does not want
conflicting specifications. He will be on line next week.

O Scale Central Report: David, Nick, Dan Dawdy – Nick: There is something new every Friday on
the forum. 235 views last Friday, 232 the next. The forum has good traffic and participation will
improve with membership growth. People are talking and sending photos. The Wingate module
is being upgraded. Dan Dawdy is working on the data base.

Old Business

Hall of Fame – David and Roland Ellis – winners, Where do we present awards?
George will procure the Plaques.

Bruce still needs artwork for tabletop/display. Mail or e-mail it to him.

Venture Capital Fund shirt, any suggestions. Cost should be about $20 and sell for $40.

Dan Needs new writeups for website, not just the President’s. Due by October 20th.

Bruce: We need a flatcar with a camera mounted for layout videos. Could use rubber bands or a
cradle to hold a cellphone or a go-pro phone. We could have a competition with videos from
layouts around the country. Details need to be worked out. Videos already existing are being
well received. We could possibly recruit regional camera experts.

David: We need representation at RPM meets. They are our natural prey.

Articles “from your wokbench”, Nov. David with American Orient Express Train, Dec.
Nick with “dead rail” article. All board members need to write articles.

Bruce: What are we doing to move O Scale along? First is O Scale Central. We need
a zoom meeting for all members to show and tell, and bull sessions to help recruiting.
We need to invite 3-railers to our forum and get on their forum. Everyone needs to double
down and spend one and one half hours a week working on O Scale Kings.

MTH is gone for good. Assets are being auctioned off. China is keeping all manufacturing assets.

The meeting was adjourned at 9.57 pm EST.


George Wallace